Week 6: In the flow

This week all of a sudden there was a lightness I hadn’t felt in months! I found myself easily giving in the areas where I felt led and where I have responsibilities. The readings were fruitful and didn’t feel like an interruption to what “I” wanted to do.  Gifts also were freely given to me. When I felt the need to ask I asked for what I needed. No shame. No guilt. And when someone offered to provide I was able to shut the old blue print down and accept with grace.  And unexpected gifts like 60 degrees in MN in November were true reasons to celebrate for this “heat seeker”.

My DMP was approved. When I read it I truly feel ALIVE! I am still working on my Sit. So hard to be still. So many things call my mind. Yet I am aware of this “wandering pup” now. I am focusing on who I get to be. I am focusing on my new best friend, my future ME. No longer giving her unkind things to do. Why would I do that to my friend. I pick up my shoes NOW. I say hello to a prospect NOW. I am conscious of when I really want to put things off. I want to make the gal in the mirror proud each day.

I don’t always succeed. Some days I have to look her in the eye and say  “We’ll get it next time.” But she is gracious and knows I am now doing my BEST.

Looking forward to next week.

I always keep my promises,



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